My Services


When conducting therapy with adults each session consists of a particular kind of conversation in which you decide what we talk about and there is room for honesty in a non judgmental space. There is also the agreement that the purpose of our meeting is to explore your inner world and understand what has brought you to see me in a meaningful way. This may not always be easy and sometimes coming to sessions may feel really hard but those are often the times when it is most important to come. My role in the relationship is not to provide advice or suggestions, but rather to help you tap into your own inner wisdom, increase your awareness of parts of yourself that are hidden, listen empathically, and add insight to the material you bring. 

Each session is 50 minutes and whatever we speak about is treated with sensitivity and strict confidentiality


Individual Therapy


Psychotherapy with teenagers is not dissimilar to therapy with adults in that our sessions consist of a special kind of conversation. With adolescents it is important to move slowly, to allow the individual adolescent to decide what we speak about, and to treat each session with the utmost confidentiality. This includes parents, so while consent for therapy is required from a parent or legal guardian, the details of what we speak about are kept strictly private. However; parents form a vital part of the process and regular feedback sessions are held where parents will learn more about what their child is struggling with and how they can best support their teen through this. The adolescent will be present at each of these feedback sessions to ensure that they are comfortable with what is shared and what is decided. 

For anyone, knowing when to reach out for therapy can be difficult, and for parents the task is daunting. Some signs that indicate your teen may need added support include a sudden and sustained change in mood, uncharacteristic social withdrawal, substance use, signs of suicidality, a sudden drop in grades, behavioural acting out, and/or excessive emotional outbursts (irritability, tearfulness, anger, melancholy) that is way out of the norm and sustained. It is important to bear in mind that in this phase of life sudden changes in moods, rebellion, and irritability are to be expected. It is when this becomes far out of the norm and is consistent and sustained that there may be need for concern.

Each therapy session is 40 minutes and we meet weekly.